Litter A – Week 7

The kittens have outgrown their pen – things just got real

nook and cranny has been explored, and my lounge suite is now their preferred playground. I hope it survives!

They are well with our Shih-Tzu Honey, our Airedale Gigi is finding them a bit intimidating and is making herself scarce

Lola doesn’t know what to do with them now they are so mobile!

Litter A – Week 6

The game is now on! The kittens are becoming quite boisterous in their play now. They are especially enjoying playing with their feather wand.

I have now moved them out of my bedroom and into the lounge so that I can get some sleep, the midnight romps were getting a bit much!

All are now eating well and developing nicely.

Litter A – Week 5

It’s been a busy week…
I have introduced a cat tree, as these little tyrants kept trying to scale their pen. Seems to be keeping them entertained!

Weaning is underway, with four out of five kittens eating solids… the fifth is a stubborn little man, but will come round soon!

All kittens are using the litter tray.