Info for prospective kitty slaves

Close-up of Old-Style Siamese kitten

Owning a Siamese will be a long term commitment

Blue point Siamese kitten

By identifying possible problems in advance you can avoid the unnecessary cost and heartache, for the cat/kitten, as well as yourself.

Most prospective owners will want a kitten, however, by speaking to various breeders, rescue groups etc, you could obtain an adult cat who is in need of a home.

Contacts for a rescue cat:

Old Style Siamese Club
The Siamese Cat Club Welfare Trust

Three Siamese kittens

Things to consider:

Can you afford a Siamese kitten?

The cost of a well-bred/well-reared kitten from a reputable breeder will be considerable. Buying your kitten from an unscrupulous breeder could result in a kitten/cat with health issues and excessive medical bills.

This initial cost is just the start, on-going costs include:

  • vaccinations
  • veterinary fees
  • food
  • grooming tools
  • toys
  • equipment – beds, dishes, scratching posts, litter boxes etc
  • boarding/cattery costs

Will a Siamese suit your lifestyle?

Your home situation and routine needs to be taken into account when considering owning a Siamese cat.

A Siamese is best kept as an indoor cat. Time spent outdoors should be supervised and kept to a minimum to reduce the risks of your cat being stolen, attacked by larger animals or contracting diseases from feral/stray cats.

You will need to engage and stimulate your cat regularly to keep it out of mischief.

You can use a number of toys including toy lasers, feather teasers, and bouncy balls to help them blow off steam without being destructive. Providing a scratching post can prevent your cat clawing your furniture and home.

Like all cats, Siamese hate using a soiled litter box, especially if shared with other cats. You will need to clean the litter box regularly, ideally as soon as it is soiled.

Siamese do not like being left on their own for long periods. There will need to be someone at home to keep it company, or if you are often away, consider taking in another cat or even a dog for companionship. They adapt easily to other feline-friendly pets you may own.

Lastly, Siamese cats need lots of attention. They are extroverts and love being around and interacting with their owners. They can be very talkative and vocal. If you do not enjoy talk-back or chatter, this is probably not the cat for you.

Lilac point old-style Siamese kitten

Still want an Old-style Siamese kitten?

Contact me to find out whether I have any kittens for sale or when my next litter is due. If I can’t help you I may be able to point you to a reputable breeder that can.