Litter E - Week 3

3 week old Old-style Siamese kittens

After a couple of busy weeks, I have finally managed to get round to posting an update on our latest litter. Pink produced two beautiful kittens on the 9th August, I can't believe they are almost three weeks old already.

She is such a doting mother, her kittens are huge! They are definately well fed.

They have started poking their little heads out their birthing box to see whats going on outside.

Litter E - Week 4

4 week old Old-style Siamese kittens

What a difference a week makes. We have moved the kittens into their pen over the weekend as they are now mobile and starting to get into everything. They are the most precocious little things, fearless! The minute they hear movement they come running to see who's there.

It looks like we have a blue female and chocolate male.

Litter E - Week 7

7 week old Old-style Siamese kittens

These two kittens have stolen my heart! They are so affectionate, you can't sit down anywhere for long before one of them settles on your lap.

They are getting quite adventurous and have been exploring the whole house. My bed is a particular favourite and I often find them scampering about in amongst my pillows.

They are filling out nicely now that they are on solids, and have mastered using the litter tray.

Litter E - Week 8

8 week old Old-style Siamese kittens

As the weather has cooled the kittens have become cuddlier than ever.

If they can't find a spot on your lap they settle for the next best thing, taking in some sunshine snuggled in the cat tree. It is quite amusing to watch both our adult cats and the kittens squeezing into a space that would normally accommodate one cat.

Litter E - Week 11

11 week old Old-style Siamese kittens

My mum's visit has provided endless entertainment for the kittens. Who would have thought knitting needles could be so much fun!

Our little man had a hernia repair this week, and we have been trying (rather unsuccessfully) to keep him calm and quiet. He has bounced back from his procedure without any issues.

Litter E - Week 13

13 week old Old-style Siamese kittens

We say goodbye to these precious kittens next week. I am not going to miss the little pinpricks up and down my legs, but I am going to miss the cuddles!

We are not planning our next litter until Sep 2022.