Litter C - Week 7

7 Week old Old-style Siamese kittens

The kittens seem to have doubled in size this past week!

I managed to snap a few pics while the kittens were chilling this afternoon, however, these pictures are definitely not a true reflection of life in my house at the moment. These little terrors are getting into EVERYTHING!!!

Litter C - Week 6

6 Week old Old-style Siamese kittens

As you can see these little bundles of mischief are all doing well.

They are all now eating solids and bulking up nicely. They now come running when I call them for their food. They are also using their litter box regularly.

Litter C - Week 4

4 Week old Old-style Siamese kittens

The kittens have been exploring more of their surroundings this week.

They have also found their voices – you cannot walk past their pen without hearing all about it. They seem happiest when they have a human climbing frame to play on. My legs are now covered with tiny pinpricks.

Litter C - Week 3

3 Week old Old-style Siamese kittens

The kittens are all doing well. They are all a good healthy weight and are becoming more confident and inquisitive about the ‘outside’ world by the day.

They have now worked out how to escape their box. They’re not so sure what to do once they’re out, but are determined to get out nevertheless, especially if there is someone on the outside!

Litter C - Week 2

2 Week old Old-style Siamese kittens

Lola’s kittens are 2 weeks old tomorrow.

These little puddings are well fed, their eyes have all opened now and they are starting to become aware of their surroundings.

Litter C has arrived

1 Day old Old-style Siamese kittens

We are very excited to announce that Lola’s latest litter has arrived.

May you day be filled with fun, joy and, of course, lots of chocolates

Happy Easter Siamese kittens

Wishing you a Happy Easter and delightful spring!

Litter B - Week 12

12 week old Old-style Siamese kittens

The kittens had their 2nd vaccinations and microchips done this morning. Only a week to go before they are due to go to their new homes…

I’m really chuffed with this litter. They are confident and very affectionate, and are going to make fantastic pets.

Happy Mothersday

Happy Mothers Day Siamese kittens

Litter B - Week 11

11 week old Old-style Siamese kittens

I feel like such a cruel mommy. I have had to shut the kittens out of my room at night so I can get some sleep, only to find them huddled in a pile outside my door in the morning…

They are very sweet, but the midnight shenanigans are just too much!